Tree Services by
Mike White

Mike has been climbing and caring for trees, for over fifteen years, all across the country. His passion began as a summer job during college for a tree company in Connecticut. In 2008, he moved to California and started White’s Tree Service, while working on his Master’s degree.

The company grew and so did Mike’s knowledge and experience. In 2011, he became a certified arborist with the International Society of Arboriculture and began diagnosing and assessing the health and value of trees, as a consulting arborist. Between managing his crews and removing large trees with cranes he would visit clients to provide solutions for various tree problems and diseases. In 2015, Mike sold his majority interest in the company, now known as West Coast Tree Care Inc, which continues to thrive. Check it out!

In 2015, Mike and his family moved to Wellsboro, where he later started TreemasterLLC.

After years of study and experience, Mike became a Board Certified Master Arborist in 2021.

Mike loves trees but his greatest passion is knowing Jesus. He’s also an associate pastor at Wellsboro Bible Church. Mike is the husband of Rachel and the father of Lucy, Cliff, Ruby, and Carson.

Why Us?

We recognize that there are other reputable tree services in the Wellsboro area. Our team is dedicated to providing professional tree care. Here are a few reasons to choose TreemasterLLC:

Safety is our number one priority

Tree work is the second most dangerous profession in the world (behind commercial fishing in case you’re wondering). We use the safest modern equipment available and strictly follow best practices. The job demands some level of risk but we never take unnecessary risks.

Integrity is critical

Everyone messes up on occasion. It’s how you respond afterwards that shows what kind of person you are. We take integrity seriously. We also won’t oversell you on something you don’t need.

We are fully insured

We carry general liability, commercial auto, and worker’s compensation insurance. Many contractors advertise that they are “fully insured” but do not carry worker’s compensation, which is the most critical (and expensive!) kind of insurance. It protects both our workers and you from potential liability. Always verify!

We are tree experts

Anyone can cut a tree. It takes a true arborist to know what is right for your tree and how to best do it. Mike has been an ISA certified arborist since 2011.

We'll call you back

We’re busy but do our best to get back to you as soon as we can.

Our Crew

About Us 1

Jason Reed

Jason Reed has been working with Treemaster since the beginning. He climbs, runs equipment, and is known for his seasonally epic beard. In 2022 he became an ISA certified arborist. The coolest thing about Jason is that he has 11 kids!
About Us 2

Jake West

Jake West has been subcontracting with the Treemaster crew regularly since 2019. He also keeps quite busy running West Branch Lumber Company where he logs, mills custom lumber, and sells firewood. He brings his log truck and “luxury tractor” to many of our tree removal jobs to help us manage high volumes wood. He also taught industrial arts for many years at Wellsboro High School.
About Us 3

Mark Breon

Mark Breon recently retired after running Northern Tier Tree Service for decades. Now he takes it easy… sort of! He grinds all of our stumps and often works with the crew. Between stump removal and playing with his grandkids he hasn’t slowed down a bit!
About Us 4

Eric Grant

Eric Grant grew up in Tioga, PA and is part of our ground support team. Most arborists consider your backyard their gym but somehow Eric finds the time and energy to pump iron before work. Some call it crazy. We call it passion! Sorry ladies, he’s taken!
About Us 5

Nicole Hassler

Nicole is our administrative assistant and the friendly “voice” of
Treemaster. She performs many tasks including communicating with
customers, setting up the schedule, and keeping us moving! She and her
husband, Dave, live in Wellsboro with their exceptionally cheerful and
agile three-legged dog. 
About Us 6

Samuel Smith

Meet Samuel Smith, the newest addition to our tree-tastic team! After bringing his expertise all the way from the Carolinas, where he ran his own tree company, Samuel has seamlessly woven himself into the fabric of our crew. With his wealth of experience and a personality as sturdy as an oak, he’s quickly become the secret sauce that makes our team thrive. Welcome aboard, Samuel—let’s branch out and conquer together!
About Us 7

Allan Reed

Allan Reed is a determined and hardworking young member of our team. At just 17 years old, Allan’s passion for arboriculture shines bright as he follows in the footsteps of his father, Jason, our esteemed foreman and certified arborist. Over the past year, Allan has been honing his skills and learning the intricacies of the trade with us. Despite his youth, his dedication and work ethic are unmatched, earning him the title of the best gopher we’ve ever seen!
About Us 8

Daniel Bowers

Meet Daniel Bowers, the jack-of-all-trades on our team! By day, he’s a skilled tree worker, tackling tasks with the gusto of a superhero. But when our equipment decides to throw a temper tantrum, Daniel swoops in like a caped crusader to save the day with his mechanical wizardry. Treemaster just wouldn’t be the same without Daniel’s expertise and dedication. We’re beyond grateful to have him on our team—here’s to our very own tree-working superhero!