Safe & Efficient

Tree removal

No equipment access? Tight space? That’s just the way we like it! Our arborists can take down trees that other companies won’t.

To do this we use the safest and highest quality climbing, aerial, and rigging equipment available. Sometimes this involves directionally felling the tree from the ground but usually requires climbing and carefully dismantling the tree, piece by piece, and lowering with high-strength, dynamic arborist ropes. We also own a 60’ and 75′ bucket trucks for easy to access trees. In some cases, we use cranes for exceptionally dangerous trees. Our arborists are well equipped and experienced to tackle the largest and most difficult tree removal jobs.

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Other services

Emergency Services

To live around trees involves some level of risk. Potential tree failure can generally be predicted but sometimes a seemingly healthy tree falls during high winds. During emergencies we do our best to free up our schedule to help those who need it.

Stump grinding

The lone stump grinder prowls the town in search of subterranean cellulose like a hungry wolf.