Specializing in
Tree Care & Preservation

Trees are valuable resources that provide numerous benefits to us and our community. The arborists at Treemaster are passionate about keeping trees alive and doing what we can to restore and preserve trees for future generations. Although tree removal is a big part of our business we often try to convince customers to save their trees and implement solutions for you and your tree. That is why we offer expert tree care services and tree preservation tactics that will keep your trees living a long and healthy life. 

Tree Cabling and Bracing

Sometimes trees require a little help, that’s why we offer expert tree care services. Installing a support system can make the difference between having to remove your tree or saving it for decades to come. 

Cables limit branch movement and reduce strain on your tree

Not all trees require cabling but for those with structural issues, cabling helps reduce stress damage during high winds, the weight of the canopy, and strain from ice and snow.

Brace rods add extra support to splitting limbs

Removing a major limb is often not an option for a large, established tree. Installing brace rods helps reduce strain and mitigate risk. We’ve found that many trees that would otherwise need to be removed can be saved with a properly installed support system.

Fruit Tree

Fruit trees take special care. A number of important factors contribute to your trees’ health. We can come up with an annual multi-tiered plan to help your fruit trees thrive.

It begins with a consultation

What site conditions affect your trees? How can we cultivate an environment for healthier trees and better fruit production? What are your particular goals? From there we decide what steps to take to help your fruit trees thrive.

Mulching is key

Proper mulching techniques help in significant ways. For many we test the soil to determine PH levels and fertilization application prior to mulching.

We prune during the Winter

Winter is the best time to prune most fruit trees. Understanding how trees respond helps us establish better structure and enhance fruit production.

If you are interested in taking your fruit trees to the next level, the Treemaster team would love to help!

Tree Planting

Our arborists can create a plan by selecting appropriate trees for your landscape, source and install your trees, providing the necessary aftercare for your trees to thrive. For the best tree planting, tree installation and tree care services, contact us to set up an appointment today!