Expert Tree Removal in Tioga County

Over the past few winters, we have had the honor of addressing the safety concerns posed by hazardous ash trees scattered across all 18 holes of this exceptional golf course. With great care and precision, we navigate the grounds using quads and our specialized smaller equipment, ensuring the preservation of the stunning landscape that surrounds each hole.

Despite the challenging weather conditions, including heavy snowfall, our team has enthusiastically engaged in a friendly competition to spot the most golf balls strewn throughout the course. It’s remarkable how these little treasures often find their way into unexpected places! In fact, during the installation of a support system on the Hole 6 green, we made a surprising discovery—a golf ball nestled within a cavity of a unique, aging Silver Maple tree.

These moments of serendipity add an element of excitement to our work, forging a deeper connection between our team and the golf course. We remain dedicated to both the safety of the players and the preservation of the natural beauty that complements this remarkable setting.