Sprucing up a historic apple orchard

Winter’s chill didn’t stop our team from wielding their shears and sprucing up a historic apple orchard in Lawrenceville, PA! Amidst the frosty breeze, Mark, Jason, and Mike embarked on a pruning adventure, transforming the orchard into a fruit-bearing paradise. With precision and expertise, our team tackled the task of taming the wild growth, bidding farewell to deadwood and unwelcome intruders like sneaky Hawthorne and ash trees that tried to crash the party.

But wait, there’s more! Buried beneath the roots lies a fascinating secret – a 120-year-old horse grave, whispering tales from a bygone era that predates even the apple trees themselves! As sunlight danced through the pruned canopies, we knew that our efforts would bear fruit – both in quality and quantity!

Here’s to the magic of winter pruning and the enchanting mysteries hidden within this amazing orchard! Special thanks to Tai Sophia Photography for enduring our shenanigans and producing some excellent shots!