Treemaster at work

Saving Some Abused Trees

Our team had the privilege of working on a significant task: preserving a large white oak and two maples that had endured past abuse. From grade changes to over-pruning, these trees needed some serious TLC. But fear not, our dedicated arborists were up to the challenge! We embarked on a journey of restorative pruning, root crown excavations, and addressing girdling roots. One of our secret weapons? The air spade, a specialized tool that helped us excavate soil without harming any precious roots. We’re immensely grateful to our customer for sharing our long-term vision for these trees, ensuring they’ll stand tall for generations to come. Just another day’s work for our passionate team of tree care experts!
Saving Some Abused Trees 1
Saving Some Abused Trees 2
Saving Some Abused Trees 3
Saving Some Abused Trees 4