Treemaster at work

Native Bagel Removals

The skyline above the Native Bagel and Grand Canyon Veterinary Hospital in Wellsboro was marred by the imposing presence of several deteriorating, and perilous trees. These formidable giants posed a significant risk to the surrounding area. Our expertise was sought to execute a meticulous operation involving the careful lifting and dismantling of these trees, nestled in an extremely challenging location between power lines and the building.

With precision and caution, we skillfully maneuvered through the intricate obstacles, prioritizing the safety of both the team and the surrounding infrastructure. Each tree was meticulously deconstructed, ensuring that no damage occurred to the power lines or the building.

It is our unwavering commitment to tackle even the most difficult tasks, employing our specialized skills and equipment to safely remove these hazardous trees. The restoration of the skyline to its pristine state above the Native Bagel and Grand Canyon Veterinary Hospital serves as a testament to our dedication to providing exceptional tree care services.
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