Treemaster at work

Grant Street Gargantuan

Hold onto your hats, folks! Our tree-tackling team just conquered a behemoth of a locust tree on Grant Street that even made our 75′ bucket truck feel like a toy! This tree was playing jungle gym over multiple obstacles – a house, electric wires, fence, hedge, and even a few birdhouses (talk about a high-flyer).

But fear not, for our dynamic duo of climbers, Jason and Mike, swung into action like arboreal acrobats! With nerves of steel and ropes aplenty, they gracefully lowered every single piece of this arboreal giant down to earth, one branch at a time.

And let’s not forget our impromptu plywood party! We laid down the law (or rather, the plywood) to protect our customer’s immaculate lawn. Because hey, we believe in leaving no leaf unturned when it comes to keeping things tidy!

When we were done, aside from a few sawdust specks, you wouldn’t even know we were there. It’s like the tree decided to pull a Houdini act, leaving the neighborhood scratching their heads and wondering if it was all just a leafy dream. So here’s to Grant Street, where even the biggest trees bow down to our tree-whispering prowess! And special thanks to Tai Sophia Photography for her excellent drone shots!
Grant Street Gargantuan 1
Grant Street Gargantuan 2
Grant Street Gargantuan 3
Grant Street Gargantuan 4