Sugar Maple Preservation

These magnificent sugar maples have graced a family property in Mansfield for over 90 years, serving as enduring symbols of the land’s history. Unfortunately, one of these trees exhibited a significant split in its trunk, posing a potential threat to the nearby house. Worried about their stability, the customer sought our expertise to assess the trees and explore possibilities for their preservation.

With a commitment to saving these beloved trees, we diligently devised a support system using multiple static cables and robust 3/4″ rods. This innovative solution effectively reduced the risk of failure, ensuring the trees’ longevity for future generations to cherish.

During the process, we were fortunate to have a unique vantage point, granting us a squirrel’s perspective of Walmart, adding an element of delight to our work. We take great pride in our ability to protect and safeguard trees, especially those with such deep-rooted significance.