Offering a variety of Arborist Services

Nestled within the picturesque landscape of Middlebury Center, the trees on this enchanting property demanded our attention and expertise to implement diverse risk-mitigating solutions. Our team seamlessly executed a range of tasks, including the removal of a sizable poplar tree utilizing a carefully orchestrated zip line operation. Additionally, we expertly pruned selected oak trees, ensuring their optimal health and form.

Among the notable interventions, we installed robust static cables on multiple trees, one of which was an awe-inspiring ancient split oak that seemingly defied the laws of physics. By employing a cable boasting an impressive 15,000 lb breaking strength, we not only reduced the immediate risks associated with the split, but also extended the majestic oak’s lifespan, safeguarding its existence for many more years to come.

The preservation and well-being of these remarkable trees remain at the forefront of our endeavors, as we strive to harmoniously coexist with nature’s wonders on this remarkable property in Middlebury Center.