Sugar Maple Tree Preservation

On an exceptionally cold March day, we embarked on a mission to safeguard the splendor of a remarkable old Sugar Maple standing tall on Shumway Hill. Despite grappling with moderate rot and grappling weak branch unions and lateral stems, this tree held immense historical and sentimental significance on the family farm, making its preservation an endeavor of great importance.

With unwavering determination, we meticulously pruned away the lifeless wood, restoring vitality to its grand structure. To provide the necessary support, we strategically installed five static cables, lending strength to the lateral branches. Additionally, a brace rod was thoughtfully drilled into the lower canopy, reinforcing its stability.

Through these deliberate measures, we effectively mitigated risks and fortified the tree, securing its existence for the forthcoming generations to cherish. The enduring beauty and legacy of this Sugar Maple continue to thrive, thanks to our unwavering commitment to its preservation.